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Panda Silvia after three years backpacking around the world, back to Rome, meets the Sex Positive, Burners and Poliamorus communities. Finding her self fully in their principles, decides to be in first line on the promotions of a consensual and more conscious sexuality.
She gains experience participating to national and international events like Xplore, Nowhere and Opencon and in 2016 starts to organize experiential workshops on sexuality, BDSM and consent.
With these elements, with Diego Tigrotto, starts in 2017 the project “La Tana Libera Tutti”: a space where each one is free to play and explore sexuality.





What do you feel thinking about a needle slowing penetrate under your skin? Have you ever fantasize about sticking a sharp tiny thing into someones body?
Needle play can generate fear, pain, excitement, control, can be sensual, brutal, colourful, sadic and much more. We will first talk about the emotional impact of needle play from both top and bottom perspective. After that we will cover all the practical aspect such as our body’s response to pain, safety rules, how to do it, how to clean up and the after care.
There is than going to be a demonstration of different basic tecniques on how to play with needles.
At the end of the workshop i’m willing to let you try what you just learned, but only two couples at the time can be supervised.
Trigger warning: some blood may be shown during this workshop.
If that could make you feel uncomfortable, please let us know.



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