Nita - Activist and Carny Queer

I am a Clown since I was born, I have honed the comic skills through personal failures and inopportune slips. I am a graduated from Ecole des clown of Emmanuel Gallot-Lavallèe in Rome, I went deep with the studies about mime and comicality in schools and theaters in Italy and in Europe and then applied the knowledge acquired to the topics I am passionate about: Gender, sexuality, freedom. I developed a personal approach to Tantra, to BDSM and performativity getting inspiration from the feminist and fag thought using irony as interpretation and choosing the game as a creative proposal.
At the moment I create workshops and performances that I present mostly in the underground and avant-garde artistic world where i have the possibility to meet other courageous extreme explorers, which don’t fear the ridiculous, the taboos and the uncomfortable truths.





ARS AMATORIA (Art of Love)nita Xpl3

Performing the obscene: like a fantasy, a kiss, a session or a love story can become performances.

Excitation, sessualità and pleasure are fundamental moments in each person’s life because they imply intense emotions, they establish fundamental experiences and they are often what keeps together significant relationship and an engine for choices in life. Nevertheless in the majority of narrations and representations moments of excitation, sexuality and pleasure are only suggested when they are not completely omitted, condensed, trivialized or ridiculed.
By the way they are alway deprived of their transformative perturbing potential about Eros. Do not mix art with pornography!
But this is exactly what we are going to do instead. In this little experimental workshop well try to realize short performances about erotic fantasies of the participants. We’ll give space to exhibitionism and voyeurism, very common in the BDSM scene with improvisations and theatrical exercises. We will act roles and characters likewise it happens in the BDSM tradition. We’ll work on the esthetic of gesture and on each one’s touch to improve the quality of our movement and astonish with a renewed scenic presence, during catchy exhibitions or on stages, in parties or in the bedroom.




WS-Foto: © Claudia Borgia