Maya is a professional Piercing artist,
She consider Piercing, Tattoos, Scarification, Branding and all the other body modifications as the expression of the freedom to re-appropriate his own body and to affirm his own identity, individuality and to create beauty. Thanks to a sign or a jewel that stay on the body through time, you can mark a special moment, a desire, a necessity, a message or even just a memory.
Thanks to multiple experiences, Maya has experiment physical pain over his limits, where the mind his able to overcome it and the body transforms it into pleasure, ecstasy and exaltation.
Maya keeps on exploring her body through Body Modifications, BDSM, Dance and Sport. One of the thing she is more fascinated about it’s the capacity of the mind and the body to expand and overcome their boundaries.





Maya’s tent is an installation, a magic space and an experiment: A Temple of Piercing.
Maya is the priestess of the temple and she will welcome you in her intimacy and she will answer to all your questions about body modifications, needles, scarifications and piercings.
You can hear about her experience, but also express your fears, desires and perplexities, and also to give a close look to all the modifications she has on her body.