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Ishara Gabri is a holistic therapist and a rigger, who works with Breathwork and Rebirthing, Tantra, Bondage, Meditation and Emotional Expression.
Qualifying as a physiotherapist in 1991, she has continued to explore holistic and complementary medicine, music, body movements, and sexuality.
In 1998 she discovered Rebirthing, a conscious breathing technique. She followed the school of “Transformational Breathwork” of Jim Morningstar in Wisconsin (U.S.A.) for two years and continued for a further 4 years with Robin Lawley, a Breathwork trainer.
She is a member of IBF (the International Breathwork Foundation) for which she has been national coordinator in 2002, in 2017and 2018.
In 2012 she created a training: “il Respiro della Luna” (Moon Breathing), the result of 15 years of studying feminine spirituality and archetype.
She offer individual and groups programs on how to open and expand consciousness, to explores the complexity of the emotions and different states of consciousness in non-conventional modalities through the senses and the bondage.
She has developed the technique of “RopeBreath” together with Davide la Greca, to experience abandonment, emotional release, control management and deep meditation, the technique of “Tantra Ropes”, an integration of Tantra and bondage and "Kali’s daughters” workshop.






Rebirthing is profound circular breathing which activates and moves the energy of the body, feeling one’s own vital energy flow freely creates and erotic experience: you can feel it at a physical level, emotional and spiritual. We surrender to our own self, our pleasure and our feelings. we will be working on expressing and releasing emotions.

Emotional blockage that might limit the flow of energy will be activated and then melted by the breathing technique itself, arriving to experience an a state of almost bliss.

Inhaling and exhaling create expansion and contraction, which is the very base of pain-pleasure experience.

The goal is to create a state in which we give in to the flow of our own vital energy, activated and then released by breathing, getting in touch with our own emotions to the point of intense pleasure and opening.

Please bring your own yoga mat.






Small theoretical part, practical part in experimenting conscious expression.

Feminine power archetypes: exploring and expressing the power of dark emotions (rage fear suffering) and their transformation (power, creativity, confidence, self-empowerment)

Exploring pleasure-pain at a physical level. Learning to communicate and expressing needs. Expressing erotic and non-erotic fantasies.

Exercises involving breath and working with voice and sounds, trance dance.

Please bring your own yoga mat.

















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