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Caprice is a person always on the move, a researcher and traveler in terms of movement and is able to look deep into the souls of human beings.

This curiosity brought her in contact with Felix Ruckert and his work more than ten years ago.

She believes that a life filled with deep and open sexuality opens the gates to our deepest, darkest AND lightest parts of our souls and brings out freedom and love that you can share.

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EARLY STAGES OF RAGECaprice-sinnlich

Rage is a powerful state of mind and manifests itself in the body.
When rage is overwhelming us, we often loose control about what we say, and sometimes what we do...
Rage comes up when we feel
# attacked
# not respected
Or maybe not seen by others...

But rage can empower us as well. When we feel the little vibrations and waves in ourselves very early.
In this workshop we want to work with this power and bring it into connection with our partners / others.
Guided by observations of animals we will work with different states of eye contact/ closeness and distance, physically presence and expression.