Ambrita Sunshine







Ambrita Sunshine is an artist and Queer performer, actively working on both Italian and foreign scene. Coming through a multidisciplinary path, she trained as a dancer and choreographer creating a fusion between various disciplines that she loves and practiced for a long time, including BDSM, sexual energy awakening practices, dance, use of sound and voice.
Recently, she has devoted herself to the research on African movement, specifically regarding the ritual dances of the Ivory Coast, achieving two master's degrees in "Traditional Dances and Rituals of the Ivory Coast".
The choice of the Ivory Coast arises not only from her origins, but also from the fact that it is one of the only countries in which a matriarchal system persists. It is also one of the only countries in which there is no main religion and where traditions related to animist rituals that lead to trance are still alive and practiced.

Moreover, for a long time she has been working on "The body of women" , a project that starts right from the traditional African dances related the liberation and rediscovery of body and feminine energies.





Trance Rituals is a workshop dedicated to the discovery and release of the deepest, ancestral emotions that we all have, but we no longer recognize for social and cultural reasons. The workshop will be centered on exercises that come from African ritual dances, trance-leading dances, meditation and various other techniques that I have acquired by traveling around the world and exploring various realities.
We will explore the possibilities of our bodies, those parts that sometimes we forget to have or that we do not acknowledge to be so important to free emotions. Also we will concentrate on the possibilities of the voice, our greatest friend as it is the one that puts us in communication with the world.
Finally, we will discover the magnificent possibility of letting ourselves go to the vibrations of ancestral sounds, feeling free to experiment and live up to the deepest vibrations of our guts.



Photo: © Gisela Guru Atma K. from "The sisterhood"