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ARCHIVE: 6th edition of the Xplore Rome Festival @ Borgo Paola

0-Early Bird Ticket - sold out

0-Early Bird Ticket - sold out
Out of stock

3-Day Pass:  includes free admission to all workshops on all 3 days of the event and the free entrance to the Play Party "The Aristocracy of Desire" on Sunday evening.

Please check your financial resources and choose the ticket that corresponds to.
If you can afford it, we would be very happy if you can leave this lower priced category for those with less income. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We have only a limited number of Early Bird tickets!


Since we are so happy about this amazing Xplore Rome 2018 Festival, we have already fixed the dates for next year:

Xplore Rome 2019 will take place on June 28th+29th+30th @ Borgo Paola

Big thanks to you all of you, who have made this weekend so incredible! We want to thank all our Presenters, Participants, Volunteers and the fabulous Kitchen Crew for their contribution to create this intense, stimulating Xplore Rome 2018 Festival.

See you at Xplore Rome 2019 !!!



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